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The complete customer satisfaction represents our business Mission. We are lovers of the “pretty”, the “style”, the “design” and of the “functionality”. When we are stimulated by the market demand, which we pay lot of attention to, we do our best in order to find solutions to get a top outcome introducing products that are always new, with a catchy design and groundbreaking functionality; products tested availing of our technicians’ experience and that of organizations like Universities or reliable Laboratories.

No wonder, this year occur our anniversary: 25 years since the establishment of the “Ideas’ Factory”. The excellent staff of men and women that over the years has been trained about the business Mission, working in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect, is nowadays close-knit and willing to exceed the aims set for the satisfaction of our customers’ expectations. Consequently: the more users of our products are happy, the more we are encouraged in keeping innovation flowing.

Audio Cables


The technology applied in the production of Bespeco cables involves mechanical reliability and sound  clearness, thus purity and durability.

It is obvious that a low quality cable or a wrong cable type may reduce the signal transmission, compromising the sound you would like to spread.

Selecting a Bespeco cable means, not only taking care of your own “sound”, but also transmitting your own personality and audio perception.

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In over 30 years of activity and experience, Bespeco has reinvented the concept of musical instrument stand, creating unique and reliable accessories of this kind, with catchy designs that have proved to be practical and reliable over the years.

It’s very important to know the key strengths of our stands.

Materials employed:
• Corrosion resistant C40 steel (steel + 0,4% carbon)
• zinc alloy
• cast iron
• ABS / loaded nylon
• natural rubber

Treatment of materials:
• phosphate Coating
• automatic epoxy-powder coating
•    automatic robotic soldering for the maximum precision, according to the EN ISO 15614-1 International Standards

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bespeco connectors

A perfect signal transmission, whether it is audio, video or data, needs a reliable connector.

That is why Bespeco’s connectors and adaptors are made respecting meticulous processes, which grant a perfect adherence among connections and zero tolerance in terms of noise created by defects.

Our catalog includes many kinds of Bespeco’s connectors, made of different materials, with and without gold plated connections.

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Bespeco Videos

Bespeco Cables & Accessories February 6, 2019