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Audio Products

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FBT, Studiomaster, JTS, ROQ Audio and Ideal Sound Cables

Our Brands:


FBT is a leading manufacturer in the audio industry, specializing in the production of high-quality loudspeakers. With a 60-year, rich history and a commitment to innovation, FBT has established itself as a trusted brand among professionals and audio enthusiasts worldwide.


StudioMaster is a highly regarded audio company that focuses on crafting amplifiers, analog and digital mixers, and loudspeakers. With a proud legacy and a dedication to achieving greatness, StudioMaster has earned the trust and loyalty of audio professionals and enthusiasts across the globe.

JTS Microphones

JTS is a well-established audio company that specializes in producing wired and wireless microphones. Renowned for their commitment to quality and reliability, JTS has earned a trusted reputation among audio professionals, performers, and recording enthusiasts worldwide.

ROQ Audio

With a dedication to providing exceptional audio solutions, ROQ Audio is a young company that is set to become a trusted brand worldwide. We specialize in manufacturing a diverse range of audio equipment, including gaming and recording microphones, studio monitors, speakers, and headphones. Our commitment to delivering high-quality audio has earned us a strong reputation among gamers, audio professionals, musicians, and enthusiasts alike.

Ideal Sound Wireless

IS-R2 is a rack mountable dual channel mic system that is compatible with the JTS R4 and all R4 series transmitters. The IS-R2 is a 3rd generation true diversity system with antenna and power cascading for easy multi-channel configuration.

Ideal Sound Cables

Introducing Ideal Sound Cables, a premier brand for all your audio cable needs. As a brand new company dedicated to providing top-quality audio cables, we understand the importance of reliability and of making high-performance connections in professional audio setups.